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Krishna Devaraya Blood Oraganization

Krishna Devaraya Blood Oraganization

We try to bridge the gap between Blood Donors and Patients in need of blood 
If anyone required blood in emergency, We will post that detail on our page. OR we will contact you if your details (means city and Blood Group) are matching with that requirement.
● First of all, let us clear out that -- We are Not a Blood Bank.
(Whatever we are doing is pure non-commercial activity)
● We are just group of like minded people, passionate about BLOOD DONATION.
● It becomes very difficult for the person who need blood, if he/she can't get the blood on time. Sometimes it happens that, a person with that particular blood group may be available in that particular city. But only because of gap of communication, he/she can't come ahead to help the person in need.
● That's why we started this cause on facebook, and its helping us to get fast responses, which in turn helping to fullfill the requirement speedily.
● If anyone requires blood in emergency, We post those details on our page.
Then we call such a person and request him/her to come forward to help the needy patient.

● In this way, we try to bridge the gap between the patient and the donor.
(We never believe in taking credit. We become happy if find ourselves helping the needy patient.)


*We feel that people should not have to pay for buying life saving blood or to look for blood donors. It is our endeavour to help people in their time of need. 

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